Differences with Atomizers, Cartomizer and Clearomizer

What are the differences with Atomisers, Cartomizer and Clearomizers

Atomisers, Cartomizer and Clearomizer are all devices that you can attach to a battery that will send the eliquid to be turned into vapour form. While not the only ones these are the most popular on the market and the ones you will see the most. They all do the same thing by heating the eliquid they make the vapour. There isnt really a “best” device out of the three so really its just a case of you taking your pick and which you would prefer.


The original device to heat e-liquid is still great today and while they have a smaller capacity they are really for “drippers” or people who would prefer dripping. While there are different designs out there they all have a heating coil at the bottom of them and a metal mesh on top of the coil. Some of these Atomisers will use a silica wick instead of the metal mesh.


They are similar to the Atomizer, the difference being that they have a poly fill wrapped around a heating coil. A poly fill soakes the e liquid and lets you vape for longer than the Atomizer.


They are one of the newest devices compared to the other two here, and is the most popular. These devices are usually cylindrical with a clear polycarbonate plastic/pyrex glass tank. A clear tank will allow you to see the amount of e-liquid you have left inside allowing you to know when to top up the liquid. The liquid is taken to the heating coil by the silica wick. Some different designs will have a top heating coil with longer burning wicks and others will have a bottom heating coil with short wicks.

Pros of an Atomizer

  • Simplistic Design
  • cheap
  • easier to refill
  • great for dripping

Cons of an Atomizer

  • Frequent refills
  • models can be build-able and need skill
  • difficult to know how much liquid is left

Pros of a Cartomizer

  • Can contain more E liquid
  • lower cost
  • easier to refill
  • easier to rebuild

Cons of a Cartomizer

  • Might have a hint of previous flavour used
  • not great for heavy vaping

Pros of a Clearomizer

  • Can see liquid through clear tanks
  • longer life
  • larger e liquid capacity

Cons of a Clearomizer

  • More expensive
  • possibly leak depending on manufacturer
  • cleaning of tank to remove previous flavour

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