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The differences with Atomizers

There are many different types of atomizers you could buy and this wide selection allows you to find the right one for you and your tastes. Of course each one has its pros and cons when it comes to selecting the right one and the big question is whether you want a desposable, replaceable or rebuildable atomizer. we will break down the pros and cons so you can pick the right one for you.


Disposable atomizers are usually what people new to vaping will try first. Commonly available and quite cheap its not wander new people go for these atomizers first. Disposable atomizers will work up until air wont go through anymore . These atomizers are inexpensive making them easy and quick to replace if damaged, lost, or when it reaches the end of its useful lifespan. Due to them being disposable they can end up costing more money than a rebuildable or replacable in the longer run due to needed multiple purchases to continue vaping. Since these atomizers are meant to be replaced they dont have some of the features of others especially when changing flavours they are also much weaker at making vapour and giving a decent flavour. Although not for everybody these atomizers are great for the new vaper trying to decide if vaping is what they want.


Atomizers with replaceable coils are arguably the most commonly used atomizers today. These atomizers generally have replaceable coil heads that screw in and out, Although these typically cost more than their disposable counterparts they have a lot more features compared to the Disposable Atomizers and they have features such as airflow control valves and Pyrex glass tubes result in much greater vapour production and flavour. These atomizers can also be easily washed out to change flavors if needed which is what some people need for their vape. The cost of replacement coils over time will certainly save you money when compared to their disposable counterparts. With the recent release of several sub-ohm atomizers like the Sub-Ohm Tank there is an even greater selection of these atomizers than ever. But if you want more customisation then maybe rebuildable atomizers are more your thing.


Rebuildable atomizers offer the most best customisation vape experience. These atomizers can also make the greatest vapor and flavor production. the cost for this type of atomiser and rebuilding supplies however are more expensive than other types of atomizer, over a long period of time these are also the most cost effective. Rebuilding an atomizer however does have a steep learning curve and rebuilding atomizers is often considered to be only for advanced vapersbut you wont find it to hard once you understand it, and get some good practise in. Different resistance coils, coil sizes, wire sizes, and wicking material each will change the way you vape and the experience of that. and only you can decide which works best for you. So there is the differences but it might be best to try them all or if budget is your issue then go for the most cost effective one you thing will benefit yourself. Happy vaping from mix juice

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