Battery Life of a Vaporizer

All the information on E-CIG battery life

How Long Does the Battery Life of a Vaporizer Last, On Average?

First of all the main variable on how long a battery lasts is who the manufacturer is, as each manufacturer is different and focuses on different aspects of the ecig battery. On average 900 mAh batteries are good for around 800 puffs. 650 mAh batteries are good for around 400 puffs, and 1100 mAh batteries are good for around 1000 puffs. These statistics are on average and not completely accurate, these numbers can change between manufacturers as well as user to user. Also these statistics go off of a fully charged battery.

What affects battery life?

There are many factors that come into play when talking about battery life including the model of your tank / atomizer / cartomizer or clearomizer. Another thing is the size of your battery, the manufacturer. For example, the Smoke 22 vape pen on full charge can last a full day of vaping when fully charged and can be charged around 500 times, it also only takes 2 hours for a full charge. The integrated batteries tend to last a lot longer than the disposable ones as they are engineered to recharge several times and are overall better quality. Another factor is where you store your ecig battery. For example leaving your ecig in a hot area for a long period of time will have some noticeable effects such as it takes longer to charge and doesn’t last as long on a full charge, it also shows a noticeable difference in the performance of the ecig as it will perform a lot worse in terms of clouds and flavour. Overall leaving the battery in hot areas will diminish the battery rendering it pretty useless. The best place to store your device is in a cool area with around 35% charge so it doesn’t overheat if you accidentally leave it on and will delay the process of diminishing the batteries cells.

How to prolong your batteries’ life span.

First of all the best way to prolong your batteries’ life is to make sure that when your not using, the battery is switched off. Some e-cigs have a auto kill feature installed, this means that after 10-20 minutes, depending on the type and manufacturer, the device will auto turn off. However if your unsure whether your device has this feature it is best to switch it off anyway when not in use.


In summary the best way to prevent your battery deteriorating is to,
1. Always switch off when not in use.
2. Make sure to store in a cool place, as this will prevent the battery from overheating.
3. Check to see if there is an auto kill feature.
4. Keep out of hot areas at all times.
5. Try to store your device with around 35-40% of battery.

If you are still unsure about how long your batteries life will last contact the manufacturer of the battery or the device.

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