The Best Beginners E-Liquid Guide

All you need to know about E-liquid and which you should vape

What is “E-liquid”?

Some people call it “Vape juice”, some people call it just “Liquid” however for the sake of this guide we will be calling it “E-liquid”. So what is “E-liquid”? E-liquid is the liquid which is most commonly used in electronic cigarettes. How it works is that the electronic cigarette, which we will refer to as “E-cig”, heats up this E-liquid to produce vapour which is inhaled by the user. Not all E-liquid has nicotine in so if you wanted to vape without the nicotine it is a very viable option. There are also thousands of different flavours which come in a variety of different nicotine strengths. We will explain which nicotine strength is best depending on If you smoke and how much you smoke.

Common Ingredients in E-liquids

Most E-liquids contain these ingredients, Propylene Glycol (PG), Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Ethyl Alcohol, Nicotine and Flavouring extracts. Every E-liquid mixture has a PG to VG ratio, however not all E-liquids have the same ratio.

What is PG and VG?

“VG” Produces more vapour however less of a throat hit, meaning bigger clouds but less of a nicotine hit and less flavour.

“PG” Is the opposite of “VG” as “PG” produces smaller clouds however it provides a stronger throat hit and more flavour.

What does “MG” mean?

The term “MG” stands for milligrams, this means milligrams of nicotine in a bottle of E-liquid for example, if you buy a 6mg bottle of E-liquid that bottle has 6 milligrams of nicotine in that bottle.

How to choose the right “MG” strength:
If you are a non-smoker you would be recommended to use 0mg E-liquids as vaping is available for people who want to vape for pleasure. If you are a ex smoker or looking to try to quit smoking, E-liquids can range from 3mg to 24mg or higher. If you smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day it is recommended that you get an E-liquid that is 3mg – 6mg to start off with and decide if you think you need a higher nicotine strength. If you smoke more than 10-15 cigarettes a day it is recommended to use 6mg – 12mg. However if you are a heavy smoker, smoking 25 – 30 cigarettes a day you should look to buy a 12mg – 24mg E-liquid.

How to store E-liquids

E-liquids are very sensitive to light and heat, as light and heat speed up the process of nicotine oxidation. This can result in a stale taste of flavour if the E-liquid has oxidised for too long. The best place to store E-liquid is a cool dry place, for long term storage the best place to store E-liquids is in a fridge. A piece of advice, glass bottles tend to be better for storage than the plastic bottles. And most importantly keep out of reach for children as E-liquid is harmful if swallowed.

Safety with E-liquids

E-liquids are harmful if swallowed or come in contact with the skin. If an excessive amount of liquid is swallowed you should contact a POISON CENTRE immediately. If the Liquid comes in contact with the skin you should wash roughly as the E-liquid can cause skin irritation.

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