Sainsbury’s Slammed For Placement Of E-liquids

Sainsburys Is Under Fire For Placing E-liquid In the Anti-Smoking Aisles

As Vaping is becoming more popular. We see e-cigarettes and e-liquids in different supermarkets, corner stores and of course in vape stores. This helps people stay on e-cigarettes as they can stock up on liquids etc. instead of going to the store and purchasing tobacco.

While vape products are sold in many stores, they are kept safe in different locations. Mainly found behind the counters and in locked cases, however they are sometimes kept with anti-smoking products too.

Vaping criticism

One supermarket has been targeted for placing e-cigarettes and e-liquid next to smoking cessation aids, consisting of patches and other anti-smoking methods. Even though e-cigarettes are becoming the country’s most popular anti-smoking method, MP Bob Blackman thinks otherwise.

MP Bob Black man had this to say, “It’s wrong to have them on open shelves … We don’t know enough about the long-term effects of electronic cigarette use. There may well be dangerous chemicals in the e-liquid.”

If you remember our previous articles we spoke about how the Public Health of England said that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. This also goes against the Tobacco control plan that aimed to place e-cigarettes and liquid in hospital stores.

The other issue that Mr Blackman has is the problem with children seeing these e-cigarettes. Under 18’s can’t use or purchase any kind of vaping product and would be check for ID by the store. Mr Blackman also thinks that having them next to the anti-smoking section gives the impression that they are harmless devices. However if this is the case then how come alcohol is in sight of children, Mr Blackman did not take that into account.

Scientists, researchers and experts have proved the gateway to smoking theory wrong on many occasions. That still hasn’t been made public in the news and by removing the open-display of vape products it makes gathering supplies harder and spreads a negative message regarding e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are usually seen in the same category as smoking. By keeping these products together and treating them the same as each other, we send a message about vaping being just as bad as smoking.

Sainsbury’s has come out and made a statement about placing vape products near smoking aid sections. They said “Vaping products are for smokers looking for an alternative to cigarettes. A natural home for them is next to smoking cessation products.”

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