Mo-Farah Did Not Agree To A Vaping Ad

Mo-Farah’s Image Has Been Taken And Used To Sell E-cigarettes and Liquid

Mo-Farah is the Olympic champion sprinter we all know and love – he has had his identity stolen and used to try and sell vape products specifically menthol flavours from a company called Diamond Mist.

The e-liquid company has found a bald look-a-like of Mo and used his face on an ad along with the text “Mo’s mad for menthol!” written just next to the picture of the fake Farrah. The man had thick eyebrows and a skin tone very similar to the Olympic champion.

Mo had actually seen this ad on Tuesday and to his shock his worst fears were realised. While it’s unclear if he is against vaping or not, he wasn’t happy to see someone was posing as him to sell e-cigarette products.

Mo-Farah tweeted “You may have seen this ad & think it’s me!! I can assure you that I have NOT endorsed this product or company!!!! We’re looking into it.”

What happened?

His team of lawyers have decided to take legal action against Diamond Mist for cashing in on their clients image.  Diamond Mist is an e-liquid company that was viewed as a trustworthy brand but after this issue, they have been exposed as cashing in on another person’s image.

Mo-Farah has his own store with many healthy products related to fitness. He said that he does not promote any kind of smoking, vaping or unhealthy lifestyle products.

The reason the e-liquid company Diamond Mist is being sued is that they are confusing fans of Mo into thinking that he promotes vaping. This affects his image and some people might take up vaping because he is seen as a health guru and role model for many people.

Jo Livingston is Farah’s agent, she said “I can confirm that Sir Mo Farah has no relationship with this company and has absolutely not endorsed this product.”

“We became aware of the advert last week. We have just passed it onto our lawyers because we believe people could think it is Mo but it is clearly not. He has nothing to do with this company. “Clearly it is not in our interest for people to think Mo would ever be endorsing such products.”

The fake advert is on almost 100 London buses; the ad was placed on 11 March but must end on the 24th of March. Diamond Mist hasn’t given a statement or commented on the issue at the moment.

The advertising standards authority has received the complaints from Mo and his team but they refuse to give a statement until they are sure that they have infringed on his image in an attempt to generate more revenue.

If Diamond Mist has been found guilty of using another person’s image to sell a product, then they could be fined a huge amount of money. One thing for sure is that if you are going to take someone’s image and use it to make money, showing the ad all over London on every bus is a great way to get caught and fined.

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