Should Vaping Be Allowed In Universities

The E-cigarette Ban Could be Lifted for Universities and Colleges

Almost all colleges and universities have rules in place to prevent smoking and vaping on campus. In fact there are over 2300 educational institutes that follow the same rules.

The issue that they have is trying to control vaping differently to smoking, they don’t know if they should ban both, allow some students to vape so they can quit smoking. It’s a very real issue that usually results in the wrong solution.

If you went to college or university then you know just how hard and stressful it can be, with constant work piling up and exams closing in you need an escape. Most students will do things they enjoy to take away the stress but some students will vape or smoke to get through the day.

So why can’t you just go off campus and vape?

Well not all campuses are small with a few areas here and there, most are huge and cover a massive part of land. If you are caught vaping on these premises you could get in big trouble and a consistent offender could risk being removed from their education.

The area of a campus could involve a lot of walking to an area which is far from the university and even then if you are on your own, you are out of the safety of the campus. If it’s raining hard or the weather is terrible then going for a walk to vape outside of the university seems like a no-go. So hopefully you understand the issue with leaving the universities and colleges now.

Why is vaping not allowed on campus?

Well there are a few reasons to suggest why they aren’t really allowed on campus. One reason is that some students have conditions such as asthma; contact with vapour could cause them breathing issues. Another reason is that they don’t want other students joining in and trying e-cigarettes along with a lot more reasons.

How bad is vaping?

Well vaping has a negative look from the media but they are not as bad as they are being made out to be, after all they are saving lives. Public Health of England has said plenty of times that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than normal, traditional smoking that people still do.  We briefly mentioned the statistics before regarding the drop in teen smoking.

The views and perception of cigarettes had also changed; back in 1999 over 70% of teens thought it were okay to smoke. However only 27% of teens thought it was still okay to smoke in 2015. This means there was a drop of 43%.

So with such a huge drop you would think that they would allow the students that choose to vape, the option to on campus.

What will happen next?

Well the biggest factor in a solution to the ban in universities would be to see long-term evidence that e-cigarettes are a good way to quit smoking and the effects that e-cigarettes have on students after long-term vaping. It’s possible that once we get this evidence, the universities and colleges would lift the ban on e-cigarettes and then everybody can enjoy the benefits of vaping.

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