E-cigarettes Better than Patches and Gum

Smokers fight a daily battle with the possibility of cancer and other diseases caused from smoking on a regular basis. Sure it may seem like you really need to smoke and that it’s cool, but it’s really not and so many people die each year due to a smoking related issue. The worst being cancers and strokes

A study made by the University College medics wanted to analyse 20,000 smokers and see what impact vaping had on quitting success rates. They found out from the results of their study that people who were given Varenicline aka Champix were 82% more likely to quit smoking than lose who did not.

Due to this incredible research charities are now begging the NHS to recommend e-cigarettes to smokers in order for them to save their lives. They would also be spreading the world and then even more people can finally ditch the habit for good.

Not yet available on prescription

E-cigarettes are currently unavailable to be prescribed by doctors and similar profession even though we have lots of evidence and research to suggest way they should be made a prescription.

NRT was only successful for people who were prescribed it, whereas the people who were given patches and gum were not willing to kick the habit. This isn’t the first research into the effects of e-cigarettes versus patches, sprays and gum. It’s always changing becoming healthier, safer and cheaper than ever so it’s about time we start to give e-cigarettes some love.

“Stopping smoking reduces the risk of chronic diseases and increases the quality of life and life expectancy says Dr Sarah Jackson.

“It is therefore important that every quit attempt has the best possible chance of success.”

“Our study adds to growing evidence that use of e-cigarettes can help smokers to quit.”

She added: “It also raises concerns about the apparent lack of effectiveness of NRT bought from a shop.”

Public Health England is an absolutely massive organisation that looks after the UK, they make sure products sold to us like food, drink and even smoking products are safe to consume without any harsh side effects or road to death. E-cigarettes have been praised as being 95% safer than smoking regular tobacco cigarettes.

The issue is that we don’t have enough evidence of long term vaping which would likely be another decade away from now until we get some decent results of vaping after many years.

“It is important that e-cigarettes appeared to be equally effective for smokers of all ages and social backgrounds,” they said.

“Smoking is one of the biggest contributors to health inequality between rich and poor and the growth in e-cigarette use may ultimately start to reduce this gap.”

There are also accusations that Public Health England is choosing to promote vaping without understanding the dangers related to it. However they have many super qualified scientists researching them every single day so if they say they are much safer than smoking then they are most likely correct in their statement.

“We haven’t had e-cigarettes for long enough to know the true effects. But when we look at the evidence we do have, there are enough grounds for serious concerns.”

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