Vaping Abroad Safety Guide

Be Careful Vaping Abroad This Summer

As we start to break into July holidays have been booked and most people are planning to fly away all over the world. You packed all the essentials like sun cream, clothes, money, and passports before you decide to put an e-cigarette in your case. DO NOT PACK YOUR E-CIGARETTE YET, I say this with a serious tone because if you take your e-cigarette abroad into a country that does not legally allow them to enter. Then you are going to find yourself serving serious prison time, even if you didn’t know or expect it to affect you.

Not all countries are as relaxed about vaping and some have gone lengths to completely eradicate them from entering the country. It doesn’t even matter what model, size or liquid used because as long as it’s categorised as an e-cigarette it could land you in some horrible places and ruin your holiday.

Don’t worry though we will tell you countries that have banned e-cigarettes so you dont end up taking one into that country, but it is highly recommended that you speak to your travel agent, airline or other services in order to find out if its legal in those countries or not.

Of course e-cigarettes are legal in the UK right now but to protect yourself from getting it trouble we also recommend that you do not take one at all. Think of it as if they are legal and you didn’t bring one, you can just buy another there fairly cheap, or if they are not legal then you just saved yourself from criminal prosecution.

Where you could be looking at prison time for vaping




These countries are not as strict as other places but you could still be looking at time in prison if you risk bringing an e-cigarette into their borders, its best to avoid bringing one here and avoiding the risk.

Countries where they are completely banned








South Africa





These places had e-cigarettes banned as soon as they became available around the world; research on the long term effects of vaping has definitely had an impact on the law. If you do take an e-cigarette or kit into these countries you are now a criminal and can be jailed there for however long they decide, each country has different jail time for it. So please on behalf of everyone here at mix juice do not take any kind of e-cigarette into these countries and stay safe.

What about planes?

Well we don’t have the information for all the airlines so if you are unsure about it then we advise you to contact your airline and ask them for the most up to date rules.

But an airline company called easy jet does say that you can take an e-cigarette and up to two spare batteries with you in your cabin bag, NOT in the hold where luggage is stored.

British Airways, Ryan air and Norwegian will also let you put e-cigarettes in your cabin luggage but definitely NOT in the hold. If you have accidentally left an e-cigarette in your hold luggage then you need to speak to the airport as soon as possible so it can be removed else you could be denied the flight entirely.

So there’s some information for you on vaping while abroad, it’s going to be a great summer and we hope you all stay safe and well.







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