Some NHS Hospitals Now Have Vape Shops

NHS Hospitals Finally Allow E-cigarettes

Smoking has been a huge issue worldwide since tobacco was first smoked. Horrible cancers and dangerous chemicals enter our bodies through traditional cigarettes, depending on people’s immune systems and current health they could die faster than most other smokers.

The issues with smoking go far further than just cancers and harmful side effects, the cost of these cigarettes are very high and a lot of people waste money on them instead of buying food, drink and other necessities. The NHS has to deal with lots of patients with different lifestyles especially some patients that smoke and require cigarettes which of course are banned in hospitals.

NHS Opens Vape Shops in the Hospitals around the UK

You can now find Vape shops at the Sandwell hospital in Bromwich and also in Birmingham city hospital both are run by the Sandwell and Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust. This new shop is designed to combat smoking in and around hospitals, especially since smoke can cause some patients irreversible problems. The police have started charging people £50 fines if caught with a cigarette on hospital grounds to try and stop passive smoking effecting patients in these hospitals.

With e-cigarettes being the most popular, fastest and safest way to ditch the habit it makes sense that in order to combat smoking the best way is to offer people e-cigarettes instead. This will allow people to still get their nicotine that they seek but in a safer way and they are allowed on hospital grounds. If this doesn’t suggest that e-cigarettes are definitely the best alternative to smoking then I don’t know what will because the NHS is the biggest health organisation that there is.

The head of the operation and who made the decision to open these shops made a statement about how he felt. “Incredibly happy” to support the trust’s smoke-free status. “We are keen to offer vaping as an alternative to smoking, as a means to help people cut down or quit,” he said.

E-cigarettes are increasing fast in popularity in the UK as we can now see that 6.3% of British adults vape in 2018 which is bigger than the 5.5% from the previous year. Something even more incredible is that of all the people that started to vape over half of them were actually able to ditch the habit completely 51.5% to be precise.

So the NHS says that e-cigarettes can be used outside the hospital on the grounds but still can’t be used inside. If you are caught vaping inside a hospital you can still be in trouble and even fined so be careful. The old smoking shelters have also been turned into vaping areas now and will continue to be for as long as e-cigarettes are allows on hospital grounds.

This is incredible news for e-cigarettes as people are finally starting to see the benefits to vaping compared to normal tobacco cigarettes. It’s a small step but it’s in the right direction and if continue to take these small steps we can have a happier, healthier world.

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