E-cigarettes Have Not Reinforced Teen Smoking

E-cigarettes Are Not  Gateway To Tobacco

We see it everywhere that these experts are trying to say that e-cigarettes are increasing the number of teenage tobacco smokers. But that’s actually the complete opposite because most teens stick to e-cigarettes and very few students go onto tobacco after vaping.

“Our research does not support the hypothesis that e-cigarettes ‘renormalized’ youth smoking during a period of growing but largely unregulated use in the UK,” That comes from a team of researchers that studied teen smoking after the boom of e-cigarettes and there is no need to panic.

The whole point of e-cigarettes is to save lives and give an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking by using vapour instead of smoke to receive nicotine. For people to try and say that e-cigarettes cause teens to move onto smoking tobacco is an outrage and further reinforces that normal cigarettes are the awful in every way.

Positive research everywhere

More proof and studies are out there from many universities and labs that say e-cigarettes are not renormalizing youth smoking.  Only 27 percent of young teens in 2015 said that is completely “alright to try a cigarette”, which compared with 70 percent from 15 years earlier is a massive decrease.

Schools are always making lessons and experiments based on smoking to try and stop children from ever going near them. But no schools are saying not to take e-cigarettes, whether that’s because they are too new or because they are trying to eliminate the worst kind of cigarette from ever getting in the hands of children first.

In the detailed report it also says that 10 percent of 13-to-14 year olds had vaped within the last few months, but just less than four percent had lit up a cigarette, the NIDA reported in November.

“Favourable perceptions of regular smoking among this age group also fell at a faster rate after the proliferation of e-cigarettes, which would not be expected if smoking was in the process of being ‘renormalized’,” the study further said.

If the UK is so fearful over renormalizing teen smoking from e-cigarettes then maybe they should look at what they are afraid of children moving on to. Smoking is a literal killer that doesn’t care how healthy, fit, smart, or big you are. It takes lives daily and all so people can get the much needed nicotine they crave.

They are much better

E-cigarettes have more than proven how great they are and sure let’s not kid ourselves they are not 100% perfect. They have flaws and some problems but not even a tenth of the flaws and chemicals in smoking. It’s time that people stop using teenagers as ammo to try and make them look bad again, it is time for e-cigarettes to be pushed out to people that need them in order to save their lives.

The cigarette economy will crash and e-cigarettes will prevail over time, they could even ban tobacco altogether. Of course this is all theory but the only way we can save the world from deadly diseases and cancers related to smoking is to eradicate it completely and keep supporting e-cigarettes.

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