How To Keep Your Coil Gunk Free

Don’t Let Gunk Ruin Your Vaping Experience

If you have been using standard or sub-ohm vape for a while or maybe not that long you might notice that your vape starts to fill up with some nasty gunk which can result in you having to purchase a new coil.

What Is This Gunk?

The gunk in a coil is a mix of different substances, it’s mainly made up of e-juice that hasn’t been vaporised and instead was left the coil. It’s not that hard to see if your coil has gunk inside it, the gunk is a sticky black tar substance that was devour your coil if you leave it in there which will result in your coil having to be replaced which can become costly.

If you are not very experienced with building and fixing e-cigarettes then it’s going to a hassle for you to replace your coils. The costs can start to add up if you find yourself purchasing new coils monthly.

The manufacturers of e-liquid use different ingredients and depending on the flavour you purchase some of the ingredients can damage the coils more than others. Liquids that use sweeteners don’t vaporise very well which means some of the liquid can get stuck in the coil which means that if you change the flavour of your liquid you might still be able to taste the previous liquid which is an effect called ghosting.

It could also be the way that you vape which can be lead to a bigger build-up of gunk so you could be ruining your own coils through a few factors. If you constantly chain vape without a break and use the e-cigarette at max power then this adds lots of strain on your vape which will lead to the build-up of gunk you can see. The liquid in your vape will vaporise faster than it soaks which can also lead to your wicks burning.

Use Less VG

So how can we stop the gunk from building and destroying your coil? The first thing to do would be to try and use less VG. Anything over 70VG is seen as the max that should be used so reducing your VG will stop the build-up of gunk. It’s quite rare but you can purchase 100VG liquid in some cases however that will not help with the build-up of gunk.

So you should try using liquid with about 60VG or less in order to try and reduce the amount of gunk building in your coil. Sweeteners are also a coil killer especially if you leave them in your vape for too long. So another great way to remove the gunk build up is to avoid sweeteners in your liquid as this is a culprit of the substance you can find killing your coil.

If you are unsure which flavours of liquid have sweeteners in them then you can check the back of the bottle or call up the manufacturer and ask them if the flavour you want has sweeteners in them, Its usually flavours like coffee and pastries that have sweeteners in them.



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