Most E-cigarette Users Are Ex-smokers

E-cigarettes Are Proven To Be Helping People Quit Their Habits.

E-cigarettes have become extremely popular over the last few years and now they are more so than ever before. In fact there are roughly 3.6 million adults in the UK that use vaping products based on a recent survey.

A survey is usually taken annually which aims at gathering some much needed data around vaping and shows how much it has increased in popularity. The United Kingdom is one of the biggest countries in the world for vaping as it is legal and can be found in all kinds of stores meaning it’s very accessible. It was discovered through this survey that over 54% of people that were vaping were at one point smokers which means 54% are now ex-smokers.

It might also be quite shocking to hear only about 0.8% of people vaping have never smoked before – which contradicts what many “studies” in the US report. If you were not fully aware this month is Stoptober so even more people will be moving away from smoking traditional cigarettes and most likely moving on to e-cigarettes.

“As Stoptober kicks off we’d encourage smokers who haven’t done so yet, to give vaping a try. E-cigarettes have been shown to be a very effective aid for smokers trying to quit, either on their own or with help from stop smoking services.”

With thousands of different flavours you can make every vape experience different. Overtime you will start moving up from smaller e-cigarettes to more powerful mods and then you can really personalise the look and feel of your e-cigarette.

“Although e-cigarettes are now the most popular quitting aid, our survey finds that in 2019 over a third of smokers have still never tried vaping,” said Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of ASH.

We can see how effective e-cigarettes are just by watching the decline in the amount of people that are smoking traditional cigarettes. In 2018 there were 7.2 million recorded smokers in the UK which is a drop from the 7.4 million people that was recorded by in 2017. This clearly shows the decline that we can expect each year as more and more people decide that they need to quit and drop the habit completely, sure it’s extremely tough but these people have made decisions that will save their lives in the long run. Some people that do drop cigarettes might not even need to vape because they can stop the habit whenever they want but for other it’s a lot tougher.

“It is essential, however, to only use legal vapes bought from reputable suppliers in the UK and not source illicit unregulated products over the internet,” Arnott added.

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