How Much Nicotine Is Right For You!

Choose The Right Nicotine Amount for You With This Guide

Vaping is not as straight forward as just grabbing any old vape and putting in a flavour of liquid. Lots of decisions are required to get the best vaping experience that you can receive. Mods, liquids and coils are very important to get right or you can end up with an unpleasant experience or worse. Delivering nicotine is the main job of your e-cigarette and the only way to quit/ stay away from smoking traditional cigarettes is to have your e-cigarette provide you with what you need.

If you don’t select the right amount of nicotine then your craving can’t be satisfied and that can come with its own separate problems, don’t worry though because this guide will help you pick the right amount of nicotine for you.

Smoking in general has no solid figures and by that I mean that what can be considered heavy smoking could be classed as light smoking by other people. So if we can’t go off words alone then you will need to have a good think about your daily cigarette intake, we can break the amount of cigarettes taken per day into separate classes.

Light Smoking: 1-10 Cigarettes Per Day

If you have around 1-10 cigarettes a day then you can be considered a “light” smoker. We recommend that you take roughly 3-7mg which is about 0.3% to 0.7%. However it’s most likely that you will use/need about 6mg in your e-liquid in order for the nicotine to satisfy your craving, it is on a case by case basis though so just test out this level of nicotine and increase the nicotine mg if needed.

Moderate Smoking: 11-25 Cigarettes Per Day

If you are able to go through 11-25 cigarettes per day which is around half a pack to a full pack then you are a “moderate” smoker. You will require a fair bit more nicotine than a light smoker since your craving will be higher. It’s recommended that you take about 13mg or 1.3% nicotine at least, but it’s more likely to be around 15mg or 1.5% nicotine. If it’s needed then you can increase your amount until your craving is satisfying by slowly increasing the amount of nicotine. Again it is on a case by case basis so try to make your own judgement.

Heavy Smoking: 25-40 Cigarettes Per Day

If you are able to go through more than one whole pack a day then you are crossing over into the “heavy” smoker category. You will require a lot more nicotine than the previous categories to be satisfied. You should try 18mg liquids and see if that is enough for you, if you are not satisfied then feel free to increase the amount to about 24mg which is 2.4% nicotine.

Very Heavy Smoking: 40-50+ Cigarettes Per Day

If you are able to blast through two packets of cigarettes a day then you fall into a more worrying “very heavy” category of smoking. You will require a large dosage of nicotine in order to be satisfied. You are looking at about 36mg or 3.6%. You should try 24mg first and if that does not work then you should have the 36mg a try. At this level you can consider nicotine salts which are a big dose of nicotine, they can hit as high as 60mg for people that are used to a very large amount of cigarettes per day.

This guide should help you determine the amount of nicotine you will need to satisfy your cravings. However take this with a pinch of salt or a guideline. It’s recommended that you carefully experiment with the amount of nicotine you need, you should also visit your local vape shop and ask for some advice there. Any questions? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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