You Need to Try Vape Drip Tips

Everything You Need To Know About Drip Tips

If you’re looking for another way to try and improve your vaping experience then you are in luck because this guide will tell you all about drip tips and why you should at least give them a try, they are relatively cheap so why not.

What is a “dripper”?

A drip tip will essentially turn your vape into a dripping device; you simply attach the drip tip to your vape atomizer which removes the need for a tank. Just like other e-cigarette peripherals, you get what you pay for and the quality of your vape drip while come down to how much you spend. Higher quality vape drips will be made out of metal while cheaper vape drips will be made from cheap plastic that won’t last very long at all and it’s also not as clean as metal.

Longer stems will cool down your vapour if you don’t like warm vapour, but shorter vape drips will have the opposite effect and instead heat up the vapour which is great if you want a warmer hit. Drip tips are a great way to experience dripping without having to invest a decent amount of money into a brand new RDA. You will only be able to use a drip tip if you have a vape device that has a removable mouth piece since the drip tip will fit where the mouth piece is, if you have a device with a mouth piece attached then you won’t be able to use a drip tip. You will need to drop some money on a vape device that has a removable mouth piece.

How to use a vape drip tip

Unlike normal dripping methods, drip tips are much easier. All you need to do is place the drip tip over your atomizer. This creates your mouth piece to the cotton coil wick inside your vape; remember that you can only do this if your device allows you to change the mouth piece.

Drop a small amount of liquid into the mouth piece, the hardest part is making sure that you keep the coil saturated so take your time when adding the liquid. If you don’t add enough liquid then the wick will end up burning, add too much then you risk your wick over flowing which will require you cleaning out your tank of all the sticky liquid. So you want to get it just right, that depends on your type of liquid however so experiment but be cautious.

Advantages of drip tips

  • They are relatively cheap if you want an average drip tip but you can spend a little more if you want a higher quality metal drip tip.
  • The flavor of your liquid will be vastly improved depending on how well you added the juice to the coil.
  • Switching between flavors is much easier though you have to make sure you use all the liquid in the coil first, after that you just add another one and continue vaping.


  • Vape drips are not convenient as you need to constantly refill them since there is no tank to store the liquid.
  • Due to the time it takes to refill vape drips it’s a much slower process so if you want long vaping sessions then they are not recommended.
  • They can cause a mess due to the liquid and of course you have the risk of putting too little or too much liquid in.


Let us know your thoughts down below and if you have used a vape drip before.

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