UK Plans To Have Smoking Erradicated BY 2030!!

The UK Government Have Got Smoking In Their Crosshairs and They Could Take The Shot Before 2030!

Smoking has been a common drug in the UK for an insane amount of years; vaping came around recently and has had a challenge of trying to de-throne traditional cigarettes in order to save lives. The government could have seen the difference between both of these and due to this they added smoking to the “Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s” which is a government list that helps bring up important issues that need solving in 2020.

“Thanks to our concerted efforts on smoking, we now have one of the lowest smoking rates in Europe with fewer than one in six adults smoking, Yet, for the 14 per cent of adults who still smoke, it’s the main risk to health.” The government is planning their next move in “setting an ambition to go ‘smoke-free’ in England by 2030”.

“This includes an ultimatum for industry to make smoked tobacco obsolete by 2030, with smokers quitting or moving to reduced risk products like e-cigarettes.” They have already been moving towards a smoke-free country for a while now, 2 years ago they made a system called the Tobacco Control Plan. Which was designed to reduce the 15.5% of adult smokers to just 12% resulting in a 3% decrease of adults.

The government wants to stop putting money into medical treatment that tries to cure smoking diseases; they want to put money into preventing those issues in the first place. This would of course take a very long time to reduce since a lot of people do smoke and purchase packets of cigarettes daily, out right stopping the sale of cigarettes would cause a lot of anger so it should be reduced slowly. Vaping hasn’t been added to the list yet and that means that its likely e-cigarettes could take over the smoking market once they have been banned.

E-cigarettes are constantly brought up on the same topic as smoking and a lot of people see them as the same thing, however the fact that the government hasn’t thrown in e-cigarettes onto the issues list shows that they believe that traditional smoking is well and truly out of hand now. Sure neither are 100% safe but if the UK pushes more smokers towards vaping then the death rate will surely decrease and less diseases will destroy lives.

Its unknown just how far the government is willing to go with the new laws and their plans, it could be thrown on the back burner for quite a lot of years since their are definitely worse issues that need resolving such as poverty and much bigger life threatening issues. Thats all the information we have on the topic, we will just have to wait and see how this plays out but either way there are pros and cons.


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