Mix Juice British Tobacco Salt 10ml

Mix Juice British Tobacco - Salt

Mix Juice British Tobacco Salt 10ml


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A premium tobacco flavour for those with a more traditional palette. The nicotine salicylate makes it a smooth vape, compared to freebase blends. It has been produced with high quality VG and PG (50/50 mix.)



Experience the Classic Essence of Rich British Tobacco with Mix Juice British Tobacco Salt 10ml E-Liquid

Welcome to the world of Mix Juice, where we infuse passion for flavour with unparalleled quality. We proudly present our signature product, the Mix Juice British Tobacco Salt 10ml E-Liquid, meticulously blending to offer you an authentic and satisfying tobacco experience like no other.

Flavour Profile:

At Mix Juice, we understand the timeless appeal of traditional British tobacco. Our expert mixologists artfully blend the rich, earthy essence of tobacco leaves to perfection. With each inhale, savour the robust and smoky notes, precisely balanced to deliver an indulgent and authentic flavour profile.

Unmatched Satisfaction:

Our British Tobacco Salt E-Liquid caters to the most discerning tobacco enthusiasts. We take pride in delivering a smooth and gratifying throat hit, mirroring the sensation of smoking a conventional tobacco cigarette. Immerse yourself in the familiar warmth and comfort, rekindling your passion for vaping.

Premium Salt Nicotine Formulation:

To ensure a superior vaping experience, we employ a premium salt nicotine formulation in our Nicotine Salt E-Liquids. This results in a quicker and more efficient nicotine delivery, providing a more intense and satisfying experience, even at higher nicotine strengths. So you can say goodbye to harshness and embrace the smoothness of our carefully crafted e-liquid.

Crafted with Care and Safety:

Furthermore, at Mix Juice, your safety is paramount. We meticulously manufacture our vape juices under stringent quality controls, adhering to the highest industry standards. Rest assured, we carefully select each ingredient to create a safe and enjoyable product for our esteemed customers.

Versatility and Convenience:

Finally, the Mix Juice British Tobacco Salt 10ml E-Liquid caters to a wide range of pod systems and vape devices, ensuring a hassle-free vaping experience. Its compact and portable 10ml size makes it ideal for on-the-go vaping, allowing you to relish the classic taste of British tobacco wherever you are.


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