Mix Juice Apple Pear Peach Salt 10ml

Mix Juice Apple Pear Peach Salt

Mix Juice Apple Pear Peach Salt 10ml


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Introducing Mix Juice Apple Pear Peach Salt 10ml E-Liquid: A Symphony of Orchard Freshness

Indulge in a harmonious blend of nature’s finest with Mix Juice Apple Pear Peach Salt 10ml E-Liquid. This exquisite concoction captures the essence of sun-ripened apples, succulent pears, and juicy peaches in every velvety puff.

Pure Orchard Pleasure

Savour the sweetness of freshly picked apples, the delicate juiciness of pears, and the irresistible tang of ripe peaches dancing across your palate. Each inhale transports you to an orchard in full bloom, while the exhale leaves behind a trail of delicious memories.

Smooth Salt Nicotine Formula

Experience satisfaction like never before with the ultra-smooth salt nicotine formula. Designed for a faster nicotine delivery and a more satisfying throat hit, this e-liquid is perfect for vapers who crave both flavour and a touch of soothing sensation.

Travel-Friendly Size

The conveniently compact 10ml bottle is your ticket to on-the-go vaping pleasure. Slip it into your pocket or bag and enjoy your favourite flavours wherever your day takes you, without sacrificing taste or quality.

Unleash the Trio of Flavours – Apple Pear Peach

Let Mix Juice Apple Pear Peach Salt 10ml E-Liquid be your passport to a world of triple delight. Immerse yourself in the symphony of flavours as you take vaping to new heights of enjoyment.


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