Mix Juice Summer Fruits Cider 50ml Short Fill E Liquid

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Mix Juice Summer Fruits Cider short fill E-Liquid.  50ml, nicotine free or available with choice of additional Nic Shots.


Product Description

Could there BE a better summer vape than this?  Probably not!  Our Summer Fruits Cider is a refreshing blend of traditional Apple Cider and ripened mixed berries creating a very familiar warm weather flavour.  Of course you can vape this all year round, but sitting in a beer garden in the blazing sun with a cold pint is where this e-liquid really shines!

Our Summer Fruits e-liquid is made from an 70/30 blend of premium quality VG and PG.  This creates a vape juice that’s carries its flavour well and vapes perfectly, allowing you to blow clouds as big or as small as you desire.

As with all our short fills, you get 50ml of nicotine free e-liquid in a 70ml bottle.  You can purchase the liquid as is or add some vials of nic shot to create your desired vaping strength.

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2 reviews for Mix Juice Summer Fruits Cider 50ml Short Fill E Liquid
  • (verified owner)

    started vaping summer fruits cider today yet again another awesome flavour it reminds me of summer fruits squash. I’ve got coconut puff puff coming soon, looking forward to trying that flavour out

  • (verified owner)

    Whilst none of mix juice flavours require furthe steeping this one does benefit from a time to settle. After 30 mins it’s ok if tasting a little burnt. Leave it a week though and it’s spot on

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