Vaporesso Xros Replacement Pods x 4

Vaporesso Xros Replacement Pods

Vaporesso Xros Replacement Pods x 4


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Elevate your vaping experience with the Vaporesso Xros Series Pods. Get ready for precise flavour, longer-lasting performance, and a mess-free vaping journey.



Experience vaping like never before with the Vaporesso Xros Replacement Pods, designed to deliver a truly exceptional vaping experience. These pods are engineered with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring you enjoy every puff to the fullest. Here’s why the Vaporesso Xros Series Pods are a game-changer:

Accurate Flavour:

When it comes to flavour, precision matters. The Vaporesso Xros Series Pods are designed to provide you with the most accurate flavour representation possible, from the very first puff to the last. Say goodbye to muted tastes and hello to the pure, unadulterated flavours of your favourite vape juice.

Lasting Longer:

We understand the importance of longevity in your vaping experience. These pods are built to last, giving you more puffs for your money. Enjoy extended vaping sessions without worrying about running out too soon.

Anti-Leaking – SSS Leak-Resistant Technology:

Tired of messy leakage ruining your vaping experience? The Vaporesso Xros Series Pods feature SSS Leak-Resistant Technology, a cutting-edge innovation that locks the liquid inside, preventing any unwanted spills and ensuring your device stays clean and mess-free.


No one likes a messy setup. With the Vaporesso Xros Replacement Pods, you can kiss those messy mishaps goodbye. The design is focused on keeping your vaping experience clean and hassle-free, so you can focus on enjoying your favourite e-liquids.

Clamshell Top Filling:

Refilling your e-juice has never been easier. The clamshell top filling style allows you to effortlessly replenish your pod with just one hand, and it’s completely mess-free. Say goodbye to sticky fingers and wasted e-liquid.

PCTG Material:

We care about the environment, which is why we’ve crafted these pods with PCTG material. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also incorporates a quadruple leak-proof design, ensuring that your vaping experience remains smooth and hassle-free.

Innovative COREX Heating Technology:

The Vaporesso Xros Series Pods feature groundbreaking COREX heating technology, complete with a unique Morph-Mesh structure and COREX cotton. This innovation results in more rapid and even heating, increasing the Vaporization Efficiency Ratio by 50%. Enjoy sheer flavour accuracy from the very first puff to the last, while extending the lifespan of your pod by 50%.


  • XROS 3
  • XROS 2
  • XROS

Please note: The 0.4Ω is only compatible with the Xros Pro, the other options are universal.


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