Oxva Xlim V3 Pods x 3

Oxva Xlim V3 Pods

Oxva Xlim V3 Pods x 3

Original price was: £9.99.Current price is: £7.99.

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Original price was: £9.99.Current price is: £7.99.

Whether you’re a flavour enthusiast or a cloud chaser, the Oxva Xlim V3 Top Fill Pods will exceed your expectations. Elevate your vaping experience today and discover a new level of satisfaction.



Introducing the Oxva Xlim V3 Top Fill Pods: Elevating Your Vaping Journey

Take your vaping to new heights with the Oxva Xlim V3 Top Fill Pods. Crafted to enhance your vaping pleasure, these cutting-edge pods offer seamless functionality and outstanding flavour delivery. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or just starting out, the Xlim V3 Pods are set to leave an impression. Let’s explore the standout features that make these pods a game-changer:

Effortless Top Fill Design

Bid farewell to messy refills and complicated processes. The Oxva Xlim V3 Pods boast a user-friendly top-fill design, enabling you to refill your e-liquid with ease, without removing the pod. Simply twist the top cap, uncover the generously sized fill port, and pour in your favourite e-liquid effortlessly. This hassle-free refilling ensures quick turnarounds, letting you enjoy uninterrupted vaping sessions.

Precision Coil Compatibility

Designed to seamlessly work with Oxva Xlim devices, the Xlim V3 Top Fill Pods offer exceptional performance and diverse coil options. The plug-and-play coil installation mechanism makes replacing coils a breeze. Whether you opt for 0.4Ω, 0.6Ω, 0.8Ω, or 1.2Ω, expect rich, satisfying flavour and impressive vapour production. Enjoy the versatility of different coil resistances to match your preferred vaping style.

Transparent Design for Easy Monitoring

The transparent pod design of Xlim V3 Pods allows you to monitor e-liquid levels at a glance. Say goodbye to unexpected dry hits—this feature ensures you’re always ready for a satisfying vape session. Plus, the 2ml e-liquid capacity strikes the perfect balance between compactness and extended vaping sessions, letting you enjoy your favourite flavours on the go.

Dependable Leak-Proof Technology

The Xlim V3 Top Fill Pods feature advanced leak-proof technology, securing your e-liquid and preventing messy leaks or spills. Meticulously engineered for a tight seal, these pods provide peace of mind and prevent any potential e-liquid wastage.

Universal Compatibility

Fully compatible with the entire Oxva Xlim range of vape kits, including the Xlim, Xlim Pro, Xlim SE Bonus Kit, and the Xlim SQ.

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