Refillable Pod System vs. Pre-Filled: What Are the Differences?

Pod systems have grown to be so well-liked by the vaping community over the past few years that almost all of the best-selling vape products available right now are pod-based. However, when people refer to pod-based vaping devices, they are actually referring to two different types of vapes that, aside from the fact that they both use plastic pods to hold their e-liquid, have very little in common.

Pre-filled and refillable pod systems differ primarily in their methods of sale. Pre-filled pod systems are more commonly found at locations like convenience stores and petrol stations, as opposed to the vape shops that normally sell refillable pod systems created by businesses like Innokin.

So, should you get a device that employs pre-filled pods or a refillable pod system? In this post, we’ll outline the differences between these two categories of vapes so you can make an informed purchase.

Describe a pod system.

We’ll begin by describing the feature that both types of vapes share: the pods themselves, before we go into the distinctions between pre-filled and refillable pod systems. A clear plastic pod houses the e-liquid and atomizer coil of the device in a pod system. The pod is a drop-in component that typically attaches magnetically and can be easily removed from the device by lifting it out of the way.

Vape pods are exclusive, in contrast to vape tanks, which are compatible with all threaded vaping devices. Consequently, a pod system only functions with pods that are intended for it and is not compatible with add-ons from other manufacturers. However, because the pods are made expressly for the device, pod systems are frequently among the sexiest and most fashionable vaping products available.

A Refillable Pod System: What Is It?

An empty vape kit without any e-liquid is advertised as a refillable pod system. You purchase the equipment separately from the vape juice, and you fill your own pods. You’ll fill up a pod when it runs out. Typically, the flavour quality of a vape pod lasts through numerous refills before degrading. Depending on how the device is made, you will then either replace the atomizer coil or the complete pod.

Refillable Pod Systems’ advantages

Comparing refillable pod systems to pre-filled systems, there are many advantages, with diversity being the most notable. Manufacturers of pre-filled pod systems are sometimes prohibited by legal restrictions from selling vape pods in flavours besides menthol and tobacco. But even in locations where there are no legal limitations, no pre-filled pod system offers more than a modest selection of flavours. Contrarily, with a pre-filled pod system, you load your pods with bottled e-liquid, giving you access to an almost limitless range of flavour combinations.

Refillable pod systems have the added advantage of being technologically far superior to pre-filled devices and often producing vapour with far higher flavour quality. Pre-filled pod vapes, in contrast, are a touch weak and frequently have a “plasticky” taste.

The last advantage of refilling pod vapes is that buying e-liquid in bottles rather than little pods is far more cost-effective in the long run. Even if you’re a heavy vaper, a single bottle of salt nicotine e-liquid can last several days. In contrast, a pre-filled vape pod may only last up to a day.

Refillable pod systems have drawbacks

Refillable pod systems have the same flaw that all pod-based devices do, namely that they are proprietary and only function with specific pods. However, by providing a variety of pods or coil alternatives, some pod systems add a little bit more versatility. A refillable pod system can provide a comparable level of flexibility as a full-fledged vape mod since you can have a varied vaping experience by using a different coil or by adding a pod with a different coil.

A Pre-Filled Pod System: What Is It?

The pods in a pre-filled pod system are filled with e-liquid at the factory rather than being made to be refilled like those in a refillable pod system. The pods are often offered in packs of two or four, and they are equipped with everything they need right out of the box. Simply place a pod into a fully charged battery and begin vaping. You’ll throw away the used pod and use a new one when it runs out

Pre-Filled Pod Systems’ benefits

Pre-filled pod systems have the advantage of being widely available in places that also sell tobacco products, which is one of its main advantages. The majority of convenience stores and petrol stations sell these models of vaping equipment. The availability of vape kits at traditional tobacco dealers is excellent since it encourages smokers to switch to vaping. Although most vapers eventually outgrow pre-filled devices and look for options that offer higher performance and more variety, pre-filled pod systems are the ideal way to get started with vaping.

Pre-filled pod systems also have the advantage of being simple and practical. A pre-filled pod system requires minimal maintenance and is always ready to use, with the exception of periodically charging the battery and swapping out the pod as needed. Pre-filled pod systems are therefore a fantastic option for someone who dislikes technology and doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining one, but there is also an even better alternative, which we’ll cover in a moment.

Pre-Filled Pod Systems Have Drawbacks

Pre-filled pod systems have many benefits, but they also have certain disadvantages that you should take into account if you’re on the fence about what kind of vaping device to get. The cost of using pre-filled pod systems is the first disadvantage. Pre-filled pods frequently cost only slightly less than cigarettes since a pre-filled device only functions with the pods that are meant for it and only functions with the e-liquid provided by the device’s producer.

The fact that there haven’t been many fresh launches in this product area over the past few years is another issue with pre-filled pod systems. Pod-based gadgets have been available on the market for more than five years, and not much has changed in that time. As a result, the majority of pre-filled pod vapes on the market right now are largely regarded as being outdated by contemporary standards. They don’t provide much in the way of vapour production or battery life. As we just noted, a lot of users believe that refillable devices have better flavour quality overall than pre-filled pod vapes.

The pre-filled pod systems’ last flaw is that, in comparison to refillable devices, their flavour selection is incredibly constrained. Any bottle of bottled e-liquid can be used with a refillable pod system. You’ll spend less because e-liquid producers compete with one another, but more importantly, you’ll have a much wider range of tastes. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of various e-liquid tastes available at any vape store. With such a large assortment, you’re sure to find something that suits your personal preferences. On the other hand, if you get a pre-filled pod system and don’t enjoy the flavour choices, you’re out of luck and will have to either put up with the poor flavour selection or purchase a completely different device.

Try disposable vapes for convenience without the drawbacks

The ease of using a pre-filled pod system has some very significant limitations in terms of performance, price structure, and flavour selection, as we discussed in the section above. However, using a straightforward and practical vaping equipment doesn’t have to entail putting up with a subpar vaping experience. Pre-filled pod vapes have mostly stagnated in terms of advancement over the past few years, but disposable vape technology has improved tremendously.

Modern disposable vapes have effectively rendered pre-filled pod systems useless and have essentially taken over that section of the market if you want the ease of a pre-filled vaping device without the limitations.

Disposable vapes are even more practical than pre-filled pod systems because they require zero maintenance; they are ready to use right out of the box and don’t need to be recharged or refilled. Everywhere you go, you may simply puff on a disposable vape when you need nicotine. Once the battery runs out, you can throw the gadget away. Even easier than using a pod system is that.

Another area where disposable vapes vastly outperform pre-filled pod vapes is price. When you purchase a pre-filled pod vape, you are forced to purchase refill pods from that company at exorbitant pricing and are thus bound into their ecosystem. Contrarily, with disposable vapes, you can swap brands at any time and are never locked into a single device for longer than a few days. The prices are substantially more affordable because there is fierce competition among producers of disposable vapes. You’ll have a great level of convenience if you move from smoking to utilising disposable vapes, but you won’t overpay for it.

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