How To Maintain Your Vaping Gear in 2020

Looking After Your Vaping Gear is More Important than Ever Before!

Your tank is the main component in making sure that the liquid is heated up and turned into vapour for you to inhale. So it’s extremely important that you perform maintenance on it to make sure it’s still working at the maximum efficiency. We will be going over some helpful techniques to help you maintain your tank.

Prime Your Coil

If you planned on installing a new coil then it’s highly recommend that you prime it before attempting to use it. By priming the coil your wick will be nice and saturated with the e-juice. This will stop the risk of your wick burning and severely damaging your coil, so if you want to prime your coil then add around 4 or 5 drops of your chosen liquid into the coil head, install the head by threading it into the base of the tank. You can then fill your tank and wait around 5 or 10 minutes before using it.

Vape Tank Maintenance

Maintaining your tank seems like a task that requires a ton of work and effort but it’s more simple than you think. Just make sure that you clean your tank roughly once a month for the best results. In order to do this you should remove the coil from your e-cigarettes and also remove all of the O-rings, make sure to check the rings for cracks and replace them if they are damaged in some way.

Clean your tank using alcohol or if you don’t have access to that then use some warm water and then add some dish soap and scrub the tank with a toothbrush making sure to wash your O-rings too, and then give all the parts a good rinse before re-assembling your e-cigarette. As long as you keep your tank and coil clean then the lifetime of your e-cigarette will be dramatically increased.

Repairing a leaky tank

A very common problem with e-cigarettes is the threat of a leaky tank which is one of the worst problems your tank can come across. Even leaky tanks can be fixed with relative ease as long as your do it properly. Most of the time the reason your e-cigarette is leaking is because the tank has allowed some air in that broke the vacuum seal holding your e-liquid. First step is to take apart your tank apart removing the coil and anything else inside your tank. Inspect every spot of the tank checking for any cracks including small ones, if you found a crack then your next step is to replace the tank since you can’t really fix a crack with common household items. It also a good idea to check the coil for any damage and replace the coil if also needed, liquid can escape from the coil if it’s not properly maintained.

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