Oxva Xlim V2 Pod - refill

How do you fill the Oxva Xlim V2 Pods?

The Oxva Xlim V2 Pods for use with the Oxva Xlim and Oxva Xlim SE Vape Kits

We absolutely love the Oxva Xlim pod kit and think you will too. The flavour is consistently enjoyable for the entirety of the pod, which is a testament to the quality of the coils contained within. When it comes to determining how much liquid you still have, the transparent plastic pods are a huge help.

The pod, which can be refilled but has a fixed coil, is the component that simplifies the vaping experience the most. As the performance of the coil declines over time, you simply throw away the pod and replace it with a new one; there is no need to bother around with changing the coils.

Due to many people experiencing trouble with leaking and filling with the first generation of Oxva Xlim pods, the V2’s pod has been completely rebuilt with an “anti-leak” design. The fact that the fill port is now located on the side of the pod and protected by a silicone cover is one of the design elements that has made us extremely happy.

To fill an OXVA Xlim Pod V2, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the pod from the device and turn it on it’s side, so the mouthpiece is facing sideways.
  2. Use the tip of a e-liquid bottle or a syringe to fill the pod through the hole on the side of the pod. Be careful not to overfill the pod.
  3. Once the pod is filled, replace the silicone plug on the fill hole and flip the pod back over.
  4. Insert the pod back into the device and wait a few minutes for the e-liquid to saturate the coil before using it.

Important Note: If you’re using a new pod, make sure to prime the coil by letting it sit for a few minutes before using it. This will help prevent dry hits and prolong the life of the coil.

The pods are available here: https://mixjuice.co.uk/product/oxva-xlim-v2-replacement-pods-x-3/

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